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18 Pictures Celebrities Wish They Could Delete Forever!

Google Ad Nowadays we’re bombarded with pictures of celebrities looking perfect from every angle, but did you know that nearly all of the celebrities you see online have a not-so-pretty past? We’ve found the most shocking celebrity transformations to show you that there is hope for everybody – all you need is fame and millions […]

17 X-RATED Tinder Profiles That Will Leave You Speechless!

Google Ad Tinder might not be the ideal place to start if you’re looking for true love and a long term relationship, however if you’re looking for some golden pick-up lines and some X-rated profiles, you’re in the right place. Take a look at our favourite, naughtiest Tinder moments! Google Ad

How Did These Child Actors Turn Out Like THIS?! (14 Photos)

We all grew up knowing and loving these child actors, but did you ever wonder what happened to them after they grew up? Read on to discover more – you may be surprised!

How Can What Happened Next Not Be Illegal?

We’re used to seeing celebrities at their best. They have hair and makeup people who wait on them hand and foot, personal trainers and nutritionists, and even personal tanners (hello, Rihanna). Not to mention, so many of their images are Photoshopped to perfection and we’re left thinking of them as these flawless human beings. So […]

7 Incredible NBA Tattoos – You Will NOT Believe #4

1. Vince Carter – Toronto Raptors (#15) Did you know that Vince Carter wanted to wear 23 like Michael Jordon when he was a teenger – his parents told him to pick another number and “make it famous”.

11 Hysterical WalMart Pictures (#9 Will Make You Sick!)

1. Nip and Lip Slip I’m sorry miss, but that isn’t going to get you a discount at the checkout – nice try though!

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Do You Have a Slow Computer? Do Not Buy A New One Or Call A PC Repair Company This 3 Click Fix Is Saving People Thousands Of in computer costs If you live in the and have a slow computer, then this may be the best news you hear all year. (STC) – Exposes the […]