How Can What Happened Next Not Be Illegal?


We’re used to seeing celebrities at their best. They have hair and makeup people who wait on them hand and foot, personal trainers and nutritionists, and even personal tanners (hello, Rihanna). Not to mention, so many of their images are Photoshopped to perfection and we’re left thinking of them as these flawless human beings. So when we happen upon photos where they don’t look so hot, it’s always quite a surprise. And much to their dismay, there are quite a few photos that we’re guessing celebrities really don’t want us to see.

But guess what – this means stars really are just like us! They have cellulite that jiggles when you they wear short skirts, they have bad skin that surfaces when they don’t wear makeup, and they make weird, ugly faces when they’re caught off guard. It’s silly to think that any human is actually perfect, but lots of photos have us thinking just that. These photos, on the other hand, prove that perfect isn’t possible for anyone.

These celebrities would most likely cough up the big bucks to have these photos removed from public view, and we don’t blame them. From Queen Bey’s rather deformed performance face, to Kim K’s see-through leggings, these are 10 pictures celebrities definitely don’t want us to see. Get ready to be shocked and surprised!

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