Acer Aspire P3 Price, Specs, Release Date, Pros & Cons


Acer is releasing a follow up to its highly regarded first Windows 8 Tablet, the Acer Iconia W700.  The new device is called the Acer Aspire P3.  It’s a 11.6 inch Windows 8 Tablet that comes bundled with a Bluetooth keyboard.  In this article, we review the Acer Aspire P3 technical specifications, our initial impressions, […]

Toshiba updates the Tecra W50 and Satellite P50t with 4K displays


If you stay tuned in to the world of tech, you’ve already heard all the hubbub surrounding those sexy 4k displays. TV, mobiles and laptops are getting in on the 4k action, and at CES 2014 Toshiba unveiled not one, but two refreshed laptops with 4k featuring 4k displays with the Tecra W50 and Satellite […]

Apple Continues Pursuit Of IT And Education


If you’re unfamiliar with Apple’s Loyalty Program, we’ll forgive you. It’s not all that well publicized and for pretty good reason. It only kicks in if you’re the kind of person who spends more than $5,000 in a 12-month period with Apple. That kind of “person” is typically easier to define as an organization — […]

iOS 8 Said To Take Maps To The Next Level With Added Data And Transit Directions


Apple has just shipped iOS 7.1, which brings a number of small enhancements and some considerable performance improvements to older devices, but now the way is clear for iOS 8, and already the rumor mill has started cranking. 9to5Mac, which generally has reliable information for first-hand reported rumors, revealed today a couple of details about […]

Apple Patents A Smarter, More Accurate Wrist-Based Activity Tracker


Apple has applied for a patent for an improved wearable pedometer design, according to a new filing published by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider). The filing describes a way to vastly improve accuracy on wearable step counters, by determining where a user is wearing it and adjusting the way it analyzes movement as a result. […]

Apple Said To Be Launching An 8GB iPhone 5c Tomorro


Apple is preparing an 8GB version of the iPhone 5c for launch, according to a series of new rumors today. There’s a reported leak of a document from German carrier O2 alerting its staff to the new phone (received via our Tips line from Caschys Blog), and an apparent image of a barcode identifying an […]

Apple Working On More Third-Party Integrations For Siri


Apple is working to make Siri play nice with more third-party apps and services, according to a new report from The Information. Within a larger piece on the mobile search battleground and app integration, the tech site revealed that Apple is working on improving Siri’s search capabilities, and widening its capability set. The report points […]

Twitter Goes Down For Almost An Hour


Twitter is down. I repeat, Twitter is down. Twitter says that “most users are experiencing issues accessing Twitter on web and mobile apps. We’re looking into it.” According to the API status page,, and tests within the TechCrunch staff, the service is experiencing some serious performance issues. And it’s not just the desktop website […]

Tinder To Introduce Verified Accounts


Poor famous, beautiful people: They can’t even get a good date using tried and tested methods like swiping right. Matchmaking app Tinder has high-profile users including Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan and Josh Groban, but the startup’s CEO Sean Rad explained to The Hollywood Reporter that these people aren’t necessarily fielding an endless stream of matches. […]

Facebook v8 For iOS


Don’t want all your friends to see your photos? That’s a big reason Snapchat has become so popular, and now Facebook wants to capitalize on more private sharing. Facebook for iOS 8.0, released today, offers an easy “Share with only these friends” option, allowing you to select specific people who you want your photo album […]

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